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About Kevin Morris & RiderGroups.com

RiderGroups.com founded by Kevin Morris a certified Motorcycle Safety Foundation and Total Control Instructor located in Ft. Worth, TX.

It does not matter what you ride, sport bike, sport touring, cruiser, or chopper, you will find news and stories related to your passion on RiderGroups.com.

RiderGroups was started as a way to give back to the motorcycle community. I try to provide good motorcycle and motorcycle product reviews based on actual experience with the product.

More about Kevin

I am a Motorcycle Safety Foundation Certified Rider Coach, Total Control Instructor and family man who lives in Fort Worth, Texas.  I have a wife and two great girls who are the most important things in the world to me.

When I am not working on this site or teaching new riders to ride, I am working on RiderGroups. I have worked in the computer industry for numerous years at start ups and at large corporations.  I have managed design teams and been a one man shop in the computer industry.  I have developed other highly successful blogs that generate a large share of regular users.

However, when I get some time to play, it is all about motorcycles.  I like to ride motorcycles, read about motorcycles, look at motorcycles, watch YouTube videos about motorcycles–well, you get the idea.

Only people who ride a motorcycle understand the true sense of freedom that two wheels can provide.  A ride across some deserted road, or a quick trip to the lake can be a mind cleansing experience.


How Is RiderGroups Supported?

RiderGroups is a free service to it’s members, there is no charge to join and be a member.  We do offer related advertising on our site and receive a small sum of money from each ad that you visit.  We also make a small commission on products purchased through our affiliate links with Amazon.com.

About My Review Process

Products that are reviewed on RiderGroups are either a product we have purchased, or a product that has been provided by the manufacturer for review on RiderGroups.  In either case we have extensive experience with a product before a review is published.  It does not matter if a product reviewed was purchased or provided to RiderGroups free of charge, we always give our honest opinion on a product.  If there are flaws in a product we try to tell you about them as honestly as we tell you about the good points.  We try to be objective and provide our honest opinion, which may differ from yours or from the opinion of others who have used the same product.

Finding good motorcycle gear can be an expensive endeavor.  We try to review gear as honestly and openly as we can to allow you to make an informed decision on your next purchase.

Though the owner and primary contributor of this site is a registered Motorcycle Safety Foundation Rider Coach, all opinions, articles, videos, etc are the sole opinion of the author or contributing author of the content and are not endorsed or supported by the MSF.