Honda NT700v Review

Honda NT700v Review


It is not often that I have such a strong reaction to a motorcycle, but the Honda NT700v did that for me.  Did I like it?  Did I hate it?  Read on to find out.

90% of the miles I log each year, about 17,000, is mostly commuting to and from work.  Since most of my riding is commuting there are some things that I want from a motorcycle.

At first glance the Honda NT700v met all of these requirements.  It offers good MPGs due to it’s 700 cc engine, offers shaft drive, anti lock brakes, has a full fairing, and Honda rock solid reliability.  Not much flash here but a great commuter/light touring bike at a reasonable price, it starts at $9,999 in the US.

The NT700v’s most intriguing features to me were:

  • Good mpg’s
  • reliable
  • weather protection
  • low maintenance

I was really interested in the Honda NT700v because it seemed to offer everything I would want in a mount to get me to and from work.

That is, until I rode one.

As I started this post I stated that 90% of my riding is commuting.  That would leave 10% for pleasure.  It was in this 10% that the Honda NT700v utterly and completely failed.  I have only ridden one scooter in my life and it was the Honda NT700v.  Right from the first twist of the throttle I knew I was not going to like this bike.  Not just because it was SLOW but also because the v -twin engine offered a weird mix of refined vibration.

I used to own a Harley and I love the rumble of a v-twin and the feel of a cruiser’s engine.  It provides a nice raw riding experience.  The v-twin in the Honda NT700v has a v-twin, but with no character.  The tone is muted, the raw feeling is gone, all you are left with is an under powered, vibrating, soul less motor.  I know the HondaNT700v is not a cruiser and I was not expecting one.  I was expecting a refined ride and a smooth delivery of power that I get from every other Honda I have ridden. To say that I disliked the Honda NT700v’s motor is an understatement.

The bike has a ton of potential for a rider like me, storage, reliability, etc, etc, etc.  But I could not sacrifice the 10% of pleasure riding I do for the 90% of commuting this bike provides.  And to be totally honest the 90% of commuting I do is also a great pleasure, and this bike does not meet that requirement either.

I am sure the HondaNT700v meets the requirements of many riders.  In fact, there was one rider at the dealer who was shocked to find out that I so disliked the Honda when I returned it to the dealer.  For this rider the Honda was one of the best bikes he had ridden.  To each his own.  I am sure there are many riders, myself not included, who love their NT700v.  If you are out there leave a comment and tell me where I’m wrong.

Some things I did like:

  • Integrated storage
  • seating position
  • comfortable seat

Things I did not like:

  • Motor, Motor, Motor
  • The wind screen was neither tall enough or low enough to offer a smooth ride from the wind.  It is adjustable but no position seemed to offer what I expected from a rather large wind shield.
  • Awkward angle of the grips, in the short ride I noticed wrist pressure from the slanted angle.
  • Very limited amenities for a bike billed as a light touring mount.
  • Did I mention the MOTOR?

I really wanted to like this motorcycle.  On paper it seemed to offer the things I would be looking for on my next motorcycle purchase.  But for me the Honda NT700v failed to live up the the expectations I had for it.  However, if you want a reliable scooter that looks more like a motorcycle, the HondaNT700v may be the perfect bike for you.

See more details on the Honda NT700v at the Honda Motors web site.

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  1. Hey Don, yeah I was disappointed too. I really wanted to like the Honda but it did not do much for me. When I get around to another bike my front runner right now is the Kawasaki Concours…that is one nice bike!

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