Scooter Insurance Online – Tips & Tricks to Get the Best Deal

Scooter Insurance Online – Tips & Tricks to Get the Best Deal

Getting Scooter insurance online and changing insurance companies often can save you a lot of money. It doesn’t matter if you are trying to save on insurance for a moped or your dream Harley there are some tried and true methods to save money on your insurance. In this article I will share a few that I have learned over the years.

Change your motorcycle and scooter insurance often

This may be the most valuable trick and I am giving it away right here at the start of the article. Your welcome. Changing  motorcycle and scooter insurance companies can save you a lot of money on a six month policy. I switch between Geico and Progressive motorcycle insurance about every two years. The last time I switched I stayed with one carrier for about four policies too long and when I did switch it saved about $200 dollars on a six month premium. The same exact policy coverage, the same exact motorcycles was $200 cheaper just by switching.

One would think that an insurance company would want to keep a rider like myself on the books. I pay on time, don’t get tickets and I have had one accident since I started riding at 14 years old… I am 52 now. But insurance companies slowly raise their premium on your policy over time.

The only way I have found to keep them in check is to switch back and forth. Insurance Company A raises your rates over time, switch to Insurance Company B…they want your business. After some time Insurance Company B begins to raise their premium, switch back to Insurance Company A and they will welcome you back with lower rates. It is a pain to switch back and forth but it can save you a few hundred dollars to do so. For your time and effort buy some new gear or parts for your motorcycle with the savings. It will make the hassle worth while.

Buy your motorcycle and scooter insurance online

Buying your scooter insurance online is a simple way to lower the monthly premium. People cost money and insurance companies often pass those costs back to you directly. Most insurance companies will offer a direct discount by purchasing the policy online. They don’t have to pay someone to answer the phone and they pass that savings on to you.

Policies are fairly simple to set up online from Progressive and Geico especially once you have a policy in place. Just set up the same policy numbers on the online insurance form you are switching to and you are done in a few minutes.

The type of scooter or motorcycle you ride makes a huge difference

It pays to get a quote before you put the down payment on a CBR 1000. Sport bikes are the worst offenders, cruisers and standards are the most affordable. As a general rule of thumb, the faster the bike the more you pay…sometime A LOT MORE. Get a quote.

They way insurance companies quote different models of bikes does not always make sense. The insurance for my Yamaha FZ-07 was surprisingly expensive in my opinion. I don’t consider it a “sports bike” but I would agree that it is a “sporty bike”. I guess the hooligan nature of naked bikes throws flags for insurance companies because the six month price tag was more than I was expecting. They didn’t even care that I was a motorcycle safety instructor. If they see it as a sports bike you pay for it.

Pay the six month premium all at once

This is not a huge savings but paying for the six month policy all at once will save you a few bucks, enough for a tank of gas and lunch while your out. If you can afford it paying for the entire six month policy will save a few bucks because most insurance companies charge a processing fee to bill you monthly or bi-monthly depending on how you set the payments up.

Play around with the deductible numbers to save some money

If you purchase your scooter insurance online you can often get quick quotes playing around with the deductible numbers In general the more you are willing to pay out of pocket if you have a wreck the cheaper your insurance policy will be. It is a gamble because if you do have a wreck it will likely cost you more than the increase in deductible would have cost.

That is a good excuse to increase your riding skills. Take the savings in your deductible and pay for a motorcycle safety class. You will be a better rider and your insurance will be less – win. If you don’t want to pay for a class you can always learn some new riding skills at MCriderunashamed self promotion 🙂 ).

It pays to shop around

The same policy can be hundreds of dollars less from one company to the next. Some companies look closer at your age, others driving record and others care most about what type of motorcycle you ride. For your money find the company that favors your particular situation. The only way to know is to visit a few different insurance sites and get a quote. Quotes are free and they can often save you some serious cash.

If you have other tips and ideas, leave a comment below and help me save some money the next time I purchase some scooter insurance online…even though I ride a motorcycle. 🙂

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Kevin is a rider coach for the Motorcycle Safety Foundation and Total Control IRC in Ft. Worth and Dallas, TX. When not teaching new riders to ride he is an avid motorcycle enthusiast, moto journalist and photographer. His passion for motorcycles spills into his creative side with photography and videos that show his passion for all things on two wheels. Kevin understands the risks involved in riding a motorcycle and firmly believes in rider training and knowledge to keep himself and you safer on two wheels. His formula for a good motorcyclist: technique + smooth = control Kevin Founder and Editor of

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