Handlebar risers for Yamaha Super Tenere by HeliBars

Handlebar risers for Yamaha Super Tenere by HeliBars

Get more comfort from your motorcycle with handlebar risers from HeliBars.

About six months ago I purchased a new 2016 Yamaha Super Tenere. It is only the second new bike I have ever purchased. I bought the bike, rode around town putting 600 miles in the first week of ownership, changed the oil and final drive fluids and then headed out of town for a road trip. There is no better way to find out what you like and what you don’t like about a motorcycle than spending some 600 mile days in the saddle. Most things about the Super Tenere I have loved, however like every motorcycle I have ever owned there are some things that I could do to make it a better fit for me.

One thing I noticed during my road trip was that the handlebars were a little more of a reach than I would like them. There are three things that contribute a lot to comfort on a motorcycle for extended rides; back position, seating position and reach to the handlebars. On the Super Tenere for me I could choose only two of those three to make comfortable. To ride comfortably with my back straight I either had to sit way up in the seat getting out of it’s comfort zone or I had to fully extend my arms causing numbness in my elbows. So, after my road trip I reached out to the folks at HeliBars to see if they would be interested in providing risers in exchange for this review. In spite of HeliBars providing these risers for the review, as always, these are my honest thoughts on the product. HeliBars put no stipulations on the outcome of this review.

Super Tenere

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There are 2 different risers for the different generations of Super Tenere due to the factory changing the riding position starting in 2014. On the 2014 model and later years Yamaha Super Tenere the HeliBars move the handlebar back 1 1/2 inches and up 1 1/4 inches. The earlier model Super Tenere gets 1 1/2 back by 2 inches taller. Also the 2014 model gets a hydraulic brake-line extension included in the HeliBar kit, more on that later.

HeliBars for the Yamaha Super Tenere

This is the complete install kit for the Yamaha Super Tenere 2014 +. The brake line extension is included in the kit.

Fit & Finish

First thoughts on opening the product is you can tell they are well made. They are CNC-machined made from 6061 aluminum flat bar. They fit flush to the existing top triple clamps and match the texture of the bars very well. They are a few shades lighter than the finish on the existing triple clamps. They do not look bad in my opinion, just a few shades lighter.

HeliBars makes a fantastic product. The risers are well made and fit the existing handlebars and risers just as you would expect. The kit includes everything you need for the install, the included hardware also seems to be top notch.


Risers are a fairly simple install. In most cases you simply remove the handlebars, add the HeliBars between the handlebars and the existing triple clamp and bolt everything back together. On the 2014 and later model there is one slight problem and that is the hydraulic line for the front brake. The HeliBars will not install without extending that line. An extension is included in the kit but it is not the best looking thing to have hanging off the master cylinder. Honestly there is no other way to install without the extension unless you want to replace that line entirely with one about 3 inches longer. Once installed the extension can be hidden behind the existing lines with the included zip ties. While the look of the extension did bother me at first I can say that I have not noticed it once since the install was completed a few weeks ago.

Ride Comfort

So, what about the ride comfort? After all that is why we installed the risers in the first place. The HeliBars have made a very noticeable difference in the comfort of the Super Tenere for me. Moving the bars back 1 1/2 inches does not sound like much but it has allowed me to sit in the sweet part of the seat, keep my back straight and it keeps me from locking my elbows out. I can now ride the motorcycle for a much longer stretch without noticing any of the small things that nagged me in the stock configuration.


The HeliBars install on a 2014 Yamaha Super Tenere moves the bars 1 1/4 inches back & 1 1/2 inches up.

HeliBars Recommendation

If you own a Super Tenere or any other motorcycle for that matter and you notice that you need to lean forward more than you would like or your arms are locked out while riding or you have to sit too far forward in the seat, you may want to check out HeliBars. A good set of handlebar risers may be the solution for your riding discomfort. For me it fixed the problems I was having with the Super Tenere’s seating position and has allowed me to ride with much more comfort. Check out the HeliBars web site for the complete listing of all the bikes they offer risers for.