Yamaha FZ-10 (MT-10) review

Yamaha FZ-10 (MT-10) review

I went to a local dealer last week to do some demo rides.  It was a Yamaha sponsored ride so they had a good selection of new Yamahas available to test ride. One of the bikes I got to ride was a real beast…the Yamaha FZ-10. It is an R-1 based naked bike. It has a more upright riding position for comfort, the electronics are not as advanced as the R-1 to keep price down but it still has the same beast of an engine as the R-1 tuned with more power lower in the RPM range for the street. Even with the power lower in the rev range I never really felt the need to go beyond 3rd gear even on the highway.

To say it is a fast bike is an understatement. This bike is 463 lbs with a 158 hp, 0-60 in 2.5 seconds with 1/4 mile in 10.38 at 130 MPH. It is fast. Much faster than anyone could legally use on any street.

It was a fantastic ride except for the massive amounts of heat that come off the monster engine. It was a cool day in TX for this time of year and I needed asbestos underwear by the time I finished the ride due to the heat off the inline 4-cylinder.

The design of the bike is a little funky IMO. At first I did not like it at all, after looking at it for a while it is starting to grow on me. My opinion on the design of a bike can definitely be swayed…at first I could not stand the design of the Yamaha Super Tenere…now I own one and I think she’s purty. (Thats Texas for pretty for you northerners. 🙂 )

Tell me what you think…Is there too much HP for a street bike? I have an FZ-07, it is a blast to ride on the street. I can open it up a little w/o getting in trouble from officer friendly. I guess I subscribe to the old saying “It is more fun to ride a slow bike fast than a fast bike slow.” Your thoughts?

FZ-10 Test ride and video review