Why does Honda build motorcycles that no one wants?

Why does Honda build motorcycles that no one wants?

Let me get this out of the way, I like Honda Motorcycles.  The Honda Valkyrie that I owned was one of the best motorcycles I have ever owned. I have ridden many Hondas and I appreciate their build quality, reliability and performance.  But, Honda for some reason continues to build motorcycles that are so far out on the design spectrum that someone needs to ask, why?

Some examples from the past are the Honda DN-01 and the Honda NM4. Both of these bikes were so far out there that they were very difficult for dealers to sell. They sat on showrooms forever until dealers were forced to mark them down and take a loss, panning them off on some poor shlep that thought they looked “cool”.

Now Honda continues their tradition of odd motorcycle design by teasing a new Honda Adventure Scooter, the Honda X-ADV.  The ADV scooter market is on fire right now. (Sarcasm Intended) I am not sure who this intended for? When I think scooters I think local commuting or running around the college campus, etc. I don’t think about off-road Adventure riding. Maybe there is a large contingent of scooter riding, adventure loving, sorority girls that I am not accounting for.

Maybe I am missing something. Maybe you see a need for this type of bike. If so please enlighten me with a comment below. Till then it looks like the soon to be released Honda X-ADV will be the next dust bin Honda found taking up space in the back corner of my favorite local Honda dealership.

Honda X-ADV Video

Honda X-ADV Gallery

  • teerex51

    As Nick pointed out a few weeks ago, half the pics in your post aren’t right—just the first four feature the X-adv. Also, what you said in an entirely unwarranted sarcastic tone is actually happening.
    The ADV scooter market just wasn’t there—until Honda had the guts to develop the X-adv.
    In Europe, the new scooter is selling like hot cakes. In Italy—which is Europe’s leading market for motorcycles and scooters—the X-adv is #2 in the maxi-scooter category after Yamaha’s 500cc T-Max.
    And, no, I don’t own an X-adv but I respect Honda’s courage and foresight.

  • Nick Staib

    It would really help to have the correct pictures above. Bikers like to think they are individuals yet mostly behave like sheep. This could appeal to real individuals.

  • kpanajotis

    Don’t judge everything by your personal taste. I personally come from scooter market and I do need a scooter, which will give all the advantages of a scooter (mobility, protection from rain, wind etc) and at the same time it will enable me to go on trips outside of the strict boundaries of the city. The off road design to me will help to navigate to some rough terrain going to beaches etc. I’m not in the illusion that I will conquer mountains, nor do I want to. I think this bike is addressed to people like me. And yes it does look cool.