Robbie Knievel jumps 19 cars in Dallas, TX

Robbie Knievel jumps 19 cars in Dallas, TX

I remember gathering around the TV as a kid to watch Evel Knievel jump cars on his Harley. It was a big event back then, often featured on the Wide World of Sports and if I remember correctly there were a few prime time jumps as well. Accidents and time finally caught up with Evel Knievel and he passed the torch to his son Robbie.

I had not heard Robbie Knievel’s name in a long time and would have thought he was retired. But Robbie performed another jump in Dallas, TX last weekend. Time and a full throttle life is now catching up to Robbie Knievel. He can’t kickstart his own bike and he walks with a noticeable hitch. In fact he made this jump while still recovering from broken bones in his back. True dedication or the picture of insanity I am not sure which.

For nostalgia sake like a kid gathered around the TV on a Saturday afternoon I had to go and watch.

It was HOT around 100 degrees at jump. It was short, a few wheelie passes and then the jump. But like it was when I was a kid, it was cool!

Robbie Knievel Jump Highlights

When I was a kid watching Evel jump, sometimes successfully, sometimes not, the other kids and I would build rickety ramps over a curb and jump our bicycles for hours. We dreamed of flying through the air like the daredevil on TV. It seemed like we were getting some serious air but in retrospect it was probably no more than a few inches.

After this jump I climbed back on my own motorcycle and rode home. Gone are my desires to leap cars on a motorcycle but ever present is my joy on two wheels. Man, I love to ride a motorcycle! Here’s to the little daredevil in all of us riders who find the simple joy of riding a motorcycle.

Stay safe, Kevin