Online tool lets you create the Ducati Scrambler of your dreams

Online tool lets you create the Ducati Scrambler of your dreams

I had the privilege a few weeks ago to lead 6 days of Ducati demo rides at AMS Ducati in Dallas, TX. The first 3 days Ducati had their entire lineup of bikes and I got to ride most of them at various times during the 3 days.  The bike I was most interested in riding also happens to be one of Ducati’s least expensive bikes, the Ducati Scrambler.

The Scrambler is a retro inspired standard motorcycle with a 803cc L-twin engine that makes 75hp. Since the bike weighs in at 410lbs wet, the Scrambler is a fun bike to ride. It is very light, turns easy, has a low seat height and is geared perfectly for urban riding. The interesting thing about Scramblers is they are also designed for some light off road riding.

Scramblers are Ducati’s attempt to produce a small, inexpensive, do everything motorcycle. Their goal is to get people in to the Ducati family and hopefully introduce you to their bigger bikes on your next upgrade. In my opinion they have hit a home run with the Scrambler, it is a fantastic bike.

If you have interest in checking out the Scrambler, Ducati has launched a new configurator to let you play around with the the color and configuration options of the Scrambler. The image at the top of the page is how I would set up my Scrambler if money was not a consideration, black – silver and ready to rumble. Check out the Ducati configurator and make your dream Scrambler.

My demo ride on the Ducati Scrambler

  • I didn’t realize there were so many configuration options for the Scrambler. Here is my dream Scrambler.