The Skully AR-1 is no more and Hitler is not happy about it

The Skully AR-1 is no more and Hitler is not happy about it

If you are a motorcyclist you have heard of Skully. Skully was a motorcycle helmet manufacturer that burst on to the scene a couple of years ago on Indie GoGO with the Skull AR-1 helmet. Tabbed as the world’s smartest motorcycle helmet, the AR-1 was chocked full of high tech gadgets.

The AR-1 featured a rear view camera, Heads Up Display (HUD), integrated Bluetooth, GPS Navigation, hands free calling, dynamic speakers and etc. It was a high tech piece of helmet for sure. It was priced like one too, the earliest funders could get one for $499 that jumped quickly to $1,399 soon after and eventually retailed for $1,499. The only problem was delay after delay put the project 2 years behind schedule after nearly $2.5 million was raised.

Up until the bitter end Skully sent emails assuring their anxious backers that they would get their helmet. Just one week before reportedly closing their doors and firing all employees they sent an email stating that production was back on schedule and of course selling you a helmet for $1,499 if you were willing. Tech Crunch has released a story stating that Skully was done for.

I feel bad for the 1,500 plus who put their hard earned money in to this company. I am sure a class action law suit will follow to try and return some of their investment. But sometimes you have to try and find a smile somewhere so I put together a Hitler rant video. Just trying to get inside the mind of the evil dictator on what his reaction would be like to the news.  I hope you find a little smile from this.

Hitler wants his Skully AR-1

All jokes aside, this is a real problem for the thousands of people who thought they were purchasing a helmet. In reality they were financing a dream. I believe the company had every intention of producing a helmet. Due to poor management and horrible handing of millions of dollars they were not able to fulfill any orders. Keep this in mind the next time a crowdfunding campaign comes along. There is no guarantee that you will get the product. If the company folds there is very little recourse to recoup your money.  The thing that may separate Skully from other crowdfunding failures is they continued to sell helmets after the crowdfunding ended. In fact just a week before Skully shut the doors I got this in my email dated July 14, 2016.

Skully email

A portion of the email I received from Skully 1 week before shutting the doors.


Further down the email were links to the Skully web site where they would have been happy to take my $1,499 for a Skully helmet in black or white. That is fraud.

I hope people are able to recoup some of their money. For the rest of us it is a lesson on how the most well funded crowd funding campaigns in history can go so bad.

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