The Helmet Butler

The Helmet Butler

One of the fun things about owning a motorcycle is collecting motorcycle gear. Likewise, one of the bad things about owning a motorcycle is collecting motorcycle gear. It tends to clutter up the garage and closets. If you want a cool way to display your motorcycle gear in the garage, you need a Helmet Butler.

I don’t know why, but I have a hard time throwing out old motorcycle helmets and jackets. I know I will probably never wear them again, but there they sit on the shelf in the corner of my garage. Old friends that protected me on countless miles in years past.

My current helmet usually finds a place close by my motorcycle. The jackets with their shoulder pads and forearm protection take a considerable amount of space in the hall closet.

This is where my Shoei GT-Air lived just a few days ago.

Before the helmet butler

Now my helmet jacket and gloves have a new home in my garage thanks to The Helmet Butler.  The Helmet Butler has a small shelf to hold your helmet, two areas to hang jackets, and an accessory hook for gloves.

Before the helmet butler

The Helmet Butler is simple to install, just locate a stud, anchor to the wall with 2 screws and then attach the helmet shelf with a third screw.  it took about 5 minutes total to install.

The Helmet Butler looks great in the garage and keeps my gear in easy reach and out of the way of inadvertent bumps and knocks. There are 8 solid colors and 56 color combinations.  I opted for the red shelf with a black base.

For $29.99 it is a great way to show off your riding gear and keep it safe.  Your significant other will thank you for the added space in the hall closet too.

Order a Helmet Butler

The Helmet Butler

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Kevin is a rider coach for the Motorcycle Safety Foundation and Total Control IRC in Ft. Worth and Dallas, TX. When not teaching new riders to ride he is an avid motorcycle enthusiast, moto journalist and photographer. His passion for motorcycles spills into his creative side with photography and videos that show his passion for all things on two wheels. Kevin understands the risks involved in riding a motorcycle and firmly believes in rider training and knowledge to keep himself and you safer on two wheels. His formula for a good motorcyclist: technique + smooth = control Kevin Founder and Editor of

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