Honda CB500 – Sports Bike or Adventure Bike?

Honda CB500 – Sports Bike or Adventure Bike?

The Honda CB500 is a new model line from Honda, that basically comes in 3 different platforms. The Honda CB500x which is their adventure styled bike. The Honda CB500r which is listed as a sport bike with fairings and the Honda CB500f also listed as a sport bike but comes as a naked version. All three of the bikes contain the same engine a 471cc DOHC Parallel-Twin-Cylinder. They each make the same 32 ft-lbs of torque have the same 8,500 rpm redline and weigh in at about 425 pounds (wet).

While all three versions have similar stat sheets, the styling, riding position and intended purpose is different enough to accommodate different riders. If you want an mid-sized adventure bike, sport bike, or a naked bike; Honda has you covered.

A few weeks ago I wrote an article about how Honda was changing the market for U.S. motorcycles. The Honda CB500 line of motorcycles are prime examples of the changes that Honda is implementing. These bikes offer plenty of power for street use, they are very affordable and they are a blast to ride. Since I coach a basic rider class in DFW I am frequently asked about a good first bike, I would not hesitate to recommend any three of the CB500 variants for a new rider or an experienced rider who simply wants a fun, affordable ride.

In my experience riding the 47hp CB500f it has a lot of usable power for street use with good torque and has a very linear power band. Due to the light weight that all three bikes have they are very maneuverable, offer great MPG’s and would make an ideal commuter bike.

Below is a video taken from my demo ride of the Honda CB500f. I found this bike very comfortable to ride, enough power to ride safely in traffic and the retail cost of $5,499 to be very agreeable.

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