Best Mid Size Touring Motorcycle

Best Mid Size Touring Motorcycle

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There is a hot new segment of motorcycles that more and more manufatuers are getting on board with, mid size touring motorcycles. While the dream of taking a long tour on a motorcycle is something that many people like to think about.  In reality most people do not have time to take off for weeks or days at a time on a motorcycle.  What they really need is a motorcycle that can do long trips but still be easy to handle in the city or around town and get great gas mileage to and from work.  That is the segment that these new midsize touring bikes fit.


When Honda announced the release of its immensely sensible 2010 NT700V-a mid-size sport touring motorcycle that Europeans have enjoyed under the uninspiring Deauville moniker since 1999-my immediate reaction was “Oh, mm hmm.”

The Honda NT700 is a nice-looking, respectable motorcycle that you wouldn’t mind telling your mom you were riding. There are no wild graphics or flashy paintwork here; the classic Honda wing sits on the tank, and the few decals on the metallic red or silver paint are crisp, minimalist design elements.

The motorcycle is not tall, but with a claimed curb weight of 562 pounds, I am happy the saddle is not any farther than 31.7 inches above terra firma. My 32-inch inseam does not allow flat feet on the ground, but the NT is well balanced, so I am secure at stops. Slow-speed maneuvering is equally uneventful as the motorcycle has a reasonable turning arc, relatively short 58-inch wheelbase, smooth power delivery and easy clutch action.

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Check out the video from American Honda introducing the Honda NT700v.

If you follow this blog closely you know from one of my previous reviews that I was less than impressed with a quick spin around the block on the NT700v. I am happy that Honda has not given up on this segment of motorcycles though, keep watching RiderGroups for info on what Honda has in store for the mid size touring motorcycle segment.

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