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  • Scooter Insurance Online – Tips & Tricks to Get the Best Deal

    Scooter Insurance Online – Tips & Tricks to Get the Best Deal

    Getting Scooter insurance online and changing insurance companies often can save you a lot of money. It doesn’t matter if you are trying to save on insurance for a moped or your dream Harley there are some tried and true methods to save money on your insurance. In this article I will … Read More

  • How to make the perfect GoPro motorcycle helmet mount

    How to make the perfect GoPro motorcycle helmet mount

    In this video I show you how to make a motorcycle helmet mount for your GoPro camera. The mount is made with a moldable rubber / glue called Sugru. You can purchase Sugru on Amazon, it comes in multiple packs and colors. For this project I used two packs of Sugru and one of the … Read More

  • MCrider – online motorcycle training

    MCrider – online motorcycle training

    MCrider has launched and is running full steam ahead. On Tuesday morning October 17th MCrider will launch it’s 4th episode. So far we have covered an Introduction, Visibility at Intersections, Tips on smooth riding on your motorcycle and our next episode is sure to be useful too. I have received … Read More

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MCrider offers free weekly training classes to help you improve road strategy and on bike skills, taught by a professional motorcycle instructor.

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  • Handlebar risers for Yamaha Super Tenere by HeliBars

    Handlebar risers for Yamaha Super Tenere by HeliBars

    Get more comfort from your motorcycle with handlebar risers from HeliBars. About six months ago I purchased a new 2016 Yamaha Super Tenere. It is only the second new bike I have ever purchased. I bought the bike, rode around town putting 600 miles in the first week of ownership, … Read More

  • This is an “Incredible Ride”

    This is an “Incredible Ride”

    I was not familiar with Nick Sanders until I got in the market for a Yamaha Super Tenere. As I was searching for information on my potential next bike I heard about a guy who rode a Super Tenere from the northern tip of Alaska to the southern tip of Argentina…and back in just 49 … Read More

  • Yamaha FZ-10 (MT-10) review

    Yamaha FZ-10 (MT-10) review

    I went to a local dealer last week to do some demo rides.  It was a Yamaha sponsored ride so they had a good selection of new Yamahas available to test ride. One of the bikes I got to ride was a real beast…the Yamaha FZ-10. It is an R-1 … Read More

  • Yamaha FJ-09 test ride and review

    Yamaha FJ-09 test ride and review

    This is one of my favorite bikes I have ridden in a while.  It was a real pleasure to do the Yamaha FJ-09 review. If I was in the market for a mid-sized sport touring bike the FJ-09 would be at the top of my list. The FJ-09 is Yamaha’s … Read More

  • Best street motorcycles by category

    Best street motorcycles by category

    Cycle World has released their best street motorcycle list for 2016. The motorcycles are broken down into the following categories: best cruiser, best adventure motorcycle, best lightweight street motorcycle, best touring motorcycle, best standard motorcycle, best middleweight street motorcycle, best open-class street motorcycle and best super motorcycle. Below you will find … Read More

  • Why does Honda build motorcycles that no one wants?

    Let me get this out of the way, I like Honda Motorcycles.  The Honda Valkyrie that I owned was one of the best motorcycles I have ever owned. I have ridden many Hondas and I appreciate their build quality, reliability and performance.  But, Honda for some reason continues to build … Read More

  • Robbie Knievel jumps 19 cars in Dallas, TX

    I remember gathering around the TV as a kid to watch Evel Knievel jump cars on his Harley. It was a big event back then, often featured on the Wide World of Sports and if I remember correctly there were a few prime time jumps as well. Accidents and time … Read More

  • Roland Sands debuts and crashes new Indian at the Buffalo Chip

    In what was supposed to be a highlight event for Indian, Roland Sands crashes the new Indian FTR750 in to the crowd at the Buffalo Chip in Sturgis. The Roland Sands crash at the Buffalo Chip is sure to be one of those embarrassing viral videos that he will have … Read More

  • Online tool lets you create the Ducati Scrambler of your dreams

    I had the privilege a few weeks ago to lead 6 days of Ducati demo rides at AMS Ducati in Dallas, TX. The first 3 days Ducati had their entire lineup of bikes and I got to ride most of them at various times during the 3 days.  The bike I … Read More

  • The Skully AR-1 is no more and Hitler is not happy about it

    If you are a motorcyclist you have heard of Skully. Skully was a motorcycle helmet manufacturer that burst on to the scene a couple of years ago on Indie GoGO with the Skull AR-1 helmet. Tabbed as the world’s smartest motorcycle helmet, the AR-1 was chocked full of high tech … Read More

  • Honda CBR250RR – First Pictures

    The first photos of the highly anticipated Honda CBR250RR have been released. It is a good looking bike from Honda that fills a highly selling niche in the motorcycle industry; 300cc and below sport bikes.  The Honda CBR250RR does not disappoint coming in three colors; Honda Racing Red, Mat Gunpowder Black … Read More

  • Motorcycle Lane Splitting: it is time to legalize

    There have been a few attempts to legalize lane splitting in Texas, none of which have been passed. Studies have shown the practice to be safer for the motorcycle rider, it reduces congestion and it will encourage more people to get on two wheels. There are some who frown upon lane splitting but in my … Read More

  • The Indian recall – more than 18,000 motorcycles

    Information and details on the Indian recall. As far as recalls go this is a big one.  Indian has recalled over 18,000 motorcycles with the Thunderstroke 111 engine.  Virtually every motorcycle Indian has made with the 111 Thunderstroke engine between 2014 and 2016. The 111 Thunderstroke engine can allow unburnt fuel to pass through the … Read More